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We rotate a selection of classic flavors, complemented by seasonal and new recipes we’re excited to share. In addition to gelato and sorbetto (dairy free and vegan), we also offer gelato pops, affogatos, coffee and other hot beverages, as well as custom-order semi-freddo and gelato cakes.

Flavors change weekly, but we’ve recently featured some of the below:

Avocado - Banana & Raspberry - Blueberry Cheesecake - Blackberry - Caramel - Chocolate Peppermint - Chocolate Hazelnut - Cinnamon - Coconut - Cookies & Cream- Cranberry Apple - Creme Brulee - Ginger Bread - Hazelnut - Lemon - Mint - Panna Cotta- Peach - Peanut Butter & Banana - Pistachio - Pumpkin- Roasted Pecan Dulce de Leche - Salted Caramel - Stacciatella - Strawberry - Tiramisu- Vanilla - White Coffee